Friday, October 31, 2014

Snapshots 5

Hello there all,

This week has been different than all of the other weeks that I have posted, and it will probably be different than the future posts for awhile because it has been a vacation week! Woot! Me and the mister actually took a much needed/earned vacation. I have an INFINITE amount of pictures, but here is just a snippet of what I took. There are still a lot more pictures than normal, and I edited A LOT out.











The Lowdown:
1.) A Halloween visit to the lighthouse that was the inspiration for this ghost story.
2.) Exploring in the rain.
3.) Cute lined up seagulls while visiting Nye Beach.
4.) No trip to the beach is complete without some salt water taffy.
5.) The beautiful view from our little condo. Dreamy. You could also hear the sea lions barking all week :).
6.) Even on vacation, I just want to thrift store shop. I. love. it.
7.) We are sentimental schmucks that created a shell heart at Yaquina Head.
8.) Yaquina Head was so swoon worthy: seals, tidepools, high activity of all different birds. Love.
9.) When you are living somewhere that isn't home, you have to make some non-traditional arrangements to live with like drinking local beer from measuring cups.
10.) One of the highlights of my trip was constantly hearing the sea lions. I included a picture of the sea lions at the bay in my last post. These two cuties were at the Oregon Coast Aquarium.
11.) We always are looking for good food places. We ate at Nana's Irish Pub two days in a row because we wanted so many things on the menu from the first day that we just went back a second night!

Hope your week is going well and you have a safe Halloween,


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