Sunday, September 28, 2014

DIY: leaf garland

Hello there all,

One of the reasons that I started this blog in this first place is because I am constantly inspired by the work done at A beautiful Mess. I mean that blog is insane, and I can't even begin to understand where they get all of their inspiration. Let's be honest: I am a jealous fan girl. Yes, I am a fan girl. I'll admit it. First step of recovery is admitting your problem, right?

One project that they have done is here. It makes me swoon. I am not sure if it is my unnatural obsession with leaves/trees or the fact that my name is Autumn therefore, I was born to be a bit crunchy. Who knows?

Anyways, here is my own version of the garland. I chose to use embroidery thread in my version.

1.) Raid the local craft supply store and raid the felt selection in whichever colors you would like. If you want this to have more of a fall theme, you could definitely make these in autumn colors, but I wanted the option of using the garland all year.

2.) Trace an outline of a leaf onto the felt. I used a regular old pen, but I think chalk would've been more helpful for those darker colors.

3.) Start the sewing process: You will need a larger needle, your embroidery thread, your felt, and some strength. It can be rather difficult to push the needle through the felt, so put some back into it and PUSH! I would recommend putting your felt into the pattern that you want BEFORE you start sewing. Once you have your pattern decided start sewing up a storm.  Before you know it, you will have a schwing garland.

4.) Revel in your awesomeness: You are now a big deal so sit back and enjoy your homemade beauty.

What's so great about this project is that it is so versatile. It can be adapted for so many seasons and shapes. The internet has destroyed me recently and made me become smitten with garlands. It seems that every week I am trying a new garland that I saw on Pinterest, this is first one actually worth documenting :).


Listy Listiness: autumn

Let's be real: I am obsessed with lists. I don't know what it is. I am also the most frazzled and chaotically organized person that you will ever meet, but I have a serious relationship with lists. I have notebooks full of pages: bucket lists, shopping lists, pet name lists, to read get the idea.

One thing that makes my heart smile is to create a list of things to do during seasons. This is this year's autumn list. BAM!