Wednesday, October 1, 2014

DIY: Fabric Colored Button Earrings

Hello there folks,

I have a crafting obsession. No, I don't mean the obsession with making things (which oh God is this ever true). But i have an obsession with making earrings. It is an easy/quick way to implement a made craft into everyday life, and I just want to keep making them....again and again and again.

 It is far too greedy to keep the how to for these cuties a secret, so let the instructions roll.

1.) Pick which delicious fabrics you would like to rock your ears.

2.) Grab a craft cover button kit from your crafty place of choice. Your kit will include the items seen above.

3.) Use the template in your kit to draw two circles (one for each button) on your fabric. 

4.) Place your fabric on top of the mold. The fabric should be facing down, put the button shell on top of the fabric and place it in the middle.

5.) Use the pusher to insert the fabric into the mold.

6.) You will have a coffee filter looking dohickey after you put the shell into the mold. You will need to then fold the fabric into the mold.

7.) Place the back on the folded over fabric. In the picture from step 2, I showed the two different back types: one with a shank and one without a shank. In this picture above, I am using the back with the shank, but I removed the shank. You can use both back types for this project. you just have to be more strategic with where you place the earring post.

8.) After the back is placed on the to-be earring, Place the pusher on top of that and push with all of your might. If you are a weakling like me, feel free to use a clamp to push the back into the shell. Luckily, the Mr. fully supports my crafty addictions and supplied the idea for the clamp.
You should hear a little snappy snap sound when you push the back into the shell.

9.) Glue an earring post onto the back of the button. I used E600, but you could use hot glue as well. Wait 24 hours and ....

10.) BAM! You look good!


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