Monday, March 28, 2016

50 Facts About Me- Part One

Hello there all,

I don't know if you have ever seen these over the interwebs, but this is kind of a thing: the "50 facts about me" on the blogosphere. I promise.


Let's learn way too much about me.

1.) I am not a very well organized person, but there are some aspects of my life where I am overly organized. For example, my tank tops are all organized by color, my books organized by genre/author, etc.

2.) My favorite type of cake is "funfetti."

3.) I prefer to brush my teeth before taking a shower. I just don't feel clean unless I brush my teeth first.

4.) Growing up, I didn't like my name. For awhile, I remember thinking that I was going to change it, and I had many different ideas of what it would be. Now, I love it!

5.) Most people seem to think that my parents are big ole hippies because my name is Autumn, but they are not big ole hippies. I'm the bleeding heart of the family.

6.) I blew my first bubble from bubble gum in high school because I just couldn't figure it out before then.

7.) Constantly, I am aware of how awkward I am which is what makes me awkward. I over think it all, so I become more awkward.

8.) I love animals sooooo much, but I think my neediness to have them love me is off putting to them.

9.) If I could just create all day, I would be one happy camper.

10.) I could eat Mexican food for every meal for the rest of my life.

11.) During my dreams, I am often lucid. Also, I have been able to wake from dreams and go back to sleep to continue the same dream. It is awesome! It doesn't always work though.

12.) I am not a vegetarian, but I don't often eat meat. Our freezer is full of fake meat products (and some real meat), and I often prefer the flavor of veggie burgers.

13.)  I have never been to Disneyland/Disneyworld.

14.) After a certain amount of time of wearing shoes/socks, I feel claustrophobic. When I get home, the first thing I do is take my shoes off. If I had to be barefoot forever, I would not miss shoes. I WOULD miss cute socks.

15.) As a kid, I would often walk around with an orange pop mustache.

16.) I have been to 8 countries including the USA.

17.) I have been to 12 states including Oregon (not including layover silliness).

18.) My first CD was the Backstreet Boys, and I loved it. However, I was definitely a *NSYNC girl.

19.) My least favorite foods are pineapples and pickles. My favorite food is anything with potatoes!

20.)  When I watch a movie that is older than 5 years AND has a dog in it, I often think about how the dog is now dead in real life. Isn't that awful?  I LOVE dogs, and I HATE this.

21.)  One of my most prized possessions is a quilt that my late great grandma made, and I sleep with it every night.

22.) I like to name inanimate objects.

23.) I used to sleep with the tv on while I slept growing up, but the only tv we currently own hasn't been plugged in for over two years. Yes, we still have the internet, so we haven't cut off watching shows completely. However, watching things is now a much more intentional choice.

24.) With that said, I can definitely binge watch some shows.

25.) Orange became my favorite color in 6th grade when I saw a boy that I liked wearing that color, so I decided that it was my favorite color. Oh 6th grade me...However, I do legitimately love it now along with burgundy. I love me some autumn colors.

Part two coming soon to a blog near you...