Wednesday, April 6, 2016

50 Facts About Me-Part Two

Hello there all,

Here is the epic conclusion to the spine tingling thriller "50 Facts About Me- Part One"...

26.) When I was younger, I tried out the whole contact thing, and it just didn't work. I tore them, lost them, etc. Eventually, I decided to try it again later, but I never will. I love my glasses now, and I feel like they are a part of me.

27.) Ya'll know how much I love thrift shopping. Well, I used to hate it, and I never wanted to go. Now, it is one of my favorite hobbies.

28.) I love plants, but I am so awful at keeping them alive. I try REALLY hard. For some reason, the plants that seem to work the best for me are avocado avocados grown from the pit.

29.) Playing is a very essential part of my life. Play is important, and I believe in integrating it into all areas of life.

30.) My favorite feature is my eyes.

31.) Today, I was told from a woman with dementia that I have a very beautiful chin, and she then stroked it a little bit. She then told me how lovely my complexion was.

32.) My first car's name was Calypso and my current car's name is Clementine. I didn't try to go with "C" names, but they are just the names that seemed right.

33.) I spend waaaaay too much time on Instagram.

34.) I have a ridiculous love for all things 1960s.

35.) I've burnt Top Ramen before-like created smoke because I burnt it so bad.

36.) For some reason, I always draw trees or swirls....or swirly trees...when I doodle. In high school, I always drew eyes.

37.) I will often do whatever I have to do to avoid confrontation. I keep it inside to not address the issue. Usually the only people this isn't true with is family and The Mister. Also, I know this is bad. I'm trying guys.

38.) Two of my favorite movies are Across the Universe and Little Women.

39.)  I always thought that I wanted to move from Oregon, and then I left Oregon to visit other places... I don't know what I was thinking! Portland is just a bit more my speed than my hometown :).

40.) I'm a beer, cider, margarita girl.

41.) If I were at a store grabbing a drink, I would grab the dented drink because nobody else would want it, and I feel bad for it. The dented can needs love to. I love the misfits.

42.) I started to say "JK" to make fun of the whole abbreviation for phrases thing, but now, I say it for reals. It a little makes my soul die, but I can't help it.

43.) The Mister and I spend way too much time looking at pictures of cute animals.

44.) Stories that have dystopian societies are some of my favorites: 1984, Hunger Games, V for Vendetta, etc. I love them all.

45.) When I get fountain drinks, I usually mix together some of the drinks. It usually ends up in some variety of sprite (or some equivalent) and lemonade/other sweet drinks.

46.) It always makes me sad to pull weeds because they are pretty, too :).

47.) I'm such a hugger!

48.) I've always wanted to dye my head red as in Little Mermaid red. I have dyed it ginger-red. One day, I'll work at a place that will be okay with The Little Mermaid look.

49.) I do this thing where I go through phases where I am extra smitten with a certain color. In the most recent past, it has been mustard, plum and chartreuse Currently, I am in a mad love affair with teal/turquoise. I just want everything to be these colors!

50.) I listen to "old lady" music, and I am currently listening to the greatest hits of Ray Charles. However, I do have an appreciation for current music, too. I promise!

There it is. Feel like you know me better now?