Friday, October 24, 2014

Snapshots 4

Hello there all,

Here are some glimpses of my week.







1.) We got a growler fill at Growlers Hawthorne. We are so glad that we found this place. It gives such a wonderful selection of beers that we can sample, and the prices are ridiculously reasonable for their craft selection. Also, they have kombucha!

2.) The Mister and I have crossed another thing off of the autumn list this week. We went to Bella Organic Pumpkin Patch. While we were there, we saved three adorable greenish pumpkins because we love misfits and wanted to make sure that they got a home. They deserve love, too. We also got some delicious apple cider and shared a Voodoo ear (chocolate, peanut butter, and bacon elephant ear). No photo, but we also went to a haunted house this week. We almost got the whole list checked off in one week!

3.) All of the leaves have been extra colorful, and they are all so gorgeous.

4.) I made these delicious ginger molasses cookies. This recipe makes a billion of them, and they were all so delicious. If you make this recipe though, I'd suggest a little less butter.

5.) It has been raining like crazy here, and I have a love-hate relationship with rain. When I am inside, I love it. When I am outside, I am too wet to feel love for anything.

6.) This week, I have been obsessed with my fleece leggings. Also, I just love feet pictures.


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