Friday, October 17, 2014

Snapshots 3

This weeks snapshots are the super filter-y type.








The shots:
  1. We order alike: Two pumpkin spice lattes and two Southern Flair Waffles from Waffle Window. They were absolutely delicious, and the perfect amount of sweet/salty. However, the sprigs of Rosemary were more reminiscent of having sticks mixed into your breakfast. High fiber diet anyone?
  2. Favorite. Thrift. Store. Ever. Rerun
  3. The Mr enjoying his delicious malt at the soda fountain at Fairley's.
  4. We've been getting into board games in this house as of late.
  5. Token max picture.
  6. Pizza, beer, and cute animal video night. Don't all grown ups spend their nights like this?
  7. With the cold weather finally coming to town, I have caught my baking bug again.

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