Saturday, November 1, 2014

Listy Listiness: Thrift Store Shopping

Hello there all,

Most who know me are aware of my undying love for thrift shopping. Growing up, I was always afraid of others knowing that I thrift store shopped because I felt like their were negative connotations associated with thrift store shopping. I didn't want others to think that I wasn't as call as they were. However, these days, I LOVE to thrift store shop, and I don't care who knows it. The truth is that thrift store shopping is such an amazing resource that I love sharing the practicality with others because I think that it is a smarter way to shop.

Why thrift store shop you ask?

1.) Treasure finding- When you go thrift store shopping, you find those diamonds in the rough. You find those things that have such wonderful potential and you save them from a doom. One man's trash is another man's steal :). You also have the opportunity to have something that nobody else haves. Many items that are found in thrift stores are vintage pieces or handmade items that you are not going to find at a department store. These are the items that have character and that bring some fun to your home and wardrobe.

2.) Bargain Hunting- I cannot count the amount of times that I have found something that I wanted at a thrift store for a fraction of the cost that I saw it at a department store. The amount that you can save on items when purchasing it at a thrift store is remarkably low. Shopping at thrift stores just makes sense financially.

3.) A Way to Live Greener- The American society is so disposable, and it is a bit unnerving. However, this is a way to save items that could be thrown away. You are saving items from landfills, and you are getting items at the same time. SCORE! It just seems crazy to walk through a store looking for something like picture frames when I know that there is a plethora of them at thrift stores waiting for a home. If I buy them at a store, I am just creating a demand for more manufactured goods instead of keeping the used items in circulation.

4.) The Adventure- You never know what you are going to find and that is part of the fun! You may not have known that there was a Jackalope penny bank out there, but you definitely need it! Shopping at thrift stores creates constant adventures because the selection is never the same.  There is a remarkable amount of ugly items, and it is also fun to see how eek worthy some things are.

5.) Keep the Creativity Flowing- There are infinite amount of tutorials of things out there calling for new uses of things that you find at thrift store. You also encounter things that with a bit of sprucing can be a beautiful item. It may just need a bit of paint, cleaning, or ingenuity to create something new and functional for you. Yes, it can be difficult to visualize certain items into new uses, but it is a creative process which can be very fun.

6.) Community- Many thrift stores are in collaboration with a non-profit that may assist your community. By shopping at this thrift store, you are also assisting the organization that it supports and in a way giving back to your community. You don't get that at department stores.

What do you love about thrift store shopping?


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