Wednesday, April 1, 2015

His and Hers 2

Hello there all,

You may remember this post which I had a lot of fun with, so I'm bringing you round 2. Let's do this!

Our Favorite Snack/Current Guilty Pleasure:

His: Seafoam Candy from the Candy Apothecary which we bought at Fairley's
Hers: Peanut Butter Cups from Trader Joe's because peanut butter and chocolate are a couple made in heaven.

Currently Reading:

His: Son by Lois Lowry which is the last book of the Giver quartet. After I read the Giver recently, I have excited a new love for it to The Mister, and I geeked out over it so hard. One of my coworkers mentioned that they were a part of a series, and our mind was blown with excitement. After I finish my current series, I'll be heading to the Giver quartet.
Hers: Kill Order by James Dashner which is the final book in the Maze Runner series. I'll be talking about these books soon in a blog post but just know that they are amazing.
Also, I've been reading March's edition of Portland Monthly off and on. It is an article all about Oregon women which is pretty neat-o.

Current Tabletop Game Love:

His: Caverna by MayFair Games. This game is about dwarves living between the land and caves, and your goal is to basically out badass each other. It is super fun! Downside is that there are a lot of little pieces, but the game is so fun that you don't really mind unless you are near small children.
Hers: Forbidden Desert by Gamewright. This game is a co-op game where you work together with the other players to try to survive in a crazy, stormy desert to put all of your pieces of your ship back together. Yes, there is even an adorable futuristic ship that you do put together in the game. Co-op games were not something that I was familiar with before this game, but I pretty dig the concept of everyone that is playing is just playing against the game.

Current Neat-o Thing That We're Excited About:
Pictures Courtesy of here and here.

His: Starbound by Chucklefish which is apparently a pretty cool game with a business that has a cool name.
Hers: Sew With Us Ecourse that is sponsored by A Beautiful Mess, but one of the teachers in the class is Katie Shelton, one of my favorite bloggers. I mean look at how cute she is. It makes me disgusted with jealousy! Too cute. 
Anyways, I am excited to be learning more things about sewing and how to correct the little bit that I have self-taught myself. I'm super stoked! Plus, it is an online course, so I can look over the course materials in the comfort of my home which works a lot better for my schedule. Busy, busy, busy!

Until Next Time Kiddos,

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