Tuesday, November 18, 2014

His and Hers

Hello there all,

The mister and I are very alike with some things, but are we are ridiculously different in some instances. This inspired me to create a little series where I compare us. I'm going to call this series: His and Her.

Favorite shoes:
Hers: Moccasins that I've beaten into the ground. They are just so comfy and match most of my clothes. Bought at Goodwill brand new.
His: He had been looking for shoes for awhile to no avail, and he found these. Literally, he found these by a dumpster downtown along with an entire outfit. We're thinking that someone tweaked out and ran around Portland naked/shoeless, but hey, he got these shoes out of it.

Guilty pleasure food:
Hers: Peanut Butter. I could eat it by the jar full if I knew that it wouldn't make my heart stop beating.
His: Originally, he said the pumpkin muffins that I just made yesterday with this recipe, but then he added that Kit Kats are pretty good, too. 

Currently Reading:
Hers: Amber Spyglass- The third book of the Golden Compass series.
His: Consider Phlebas-The first book of the Culture Series.
Oh man, this makes us look so nerdy :).

 Our mustaches:
Enough said...Also, his is so long that it won't even fit all into the picture... The picture below shows it in its swirly curly glorly.


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  1. You like peanut butter? Hmmm, learn something new everday. ;).