Sunday, April 5, 2015


Hello there all,

What a week! It has been full of finding ways to keep us sane and The Mister and I have dedicated a lot of time to projects lately. However, it isn't necessarily stuff that I have pictures of...of course!

However, I am happy that the blog has been featured on a couple of Twitter handles lately, and this makes me nerdy excited :). Yay!

Anyways, take a looksie at this week.

The Mister had a package that was mistakenly shipped to his old apartment, so it gave us an excuse to explore around a bit at our old stomping part of the world. We also got to go to  one of our favorite Mexican restaurants. The Mister loves it for the Mole, and I love it for the crazy decor and margaritas.

Today, we joined some friends for brunch at their house (where I took awful pictures apparently). We had a delicious spread of brunch-y goodness, played some games, and dyed Easter eggs.

We have such a ridiculously large collection of mugs. However, they seem to be something so simple that brings such joy to everyday life. Betcha can't pick which mug is The Mister's mug and which one is mine ;).

I used to hate pattern mixing, but I love it too much now. I'm pretty gypsy-rrific these days.

The Mister's Easter basket. 

Friday was MC Pride Day Friday (don't you just love the name?), and we rocked crazy socks. Isn't this pair adorable. They have cutesie dog faces in the front, and they have a cute butt and tail in the back. I am such a sucker for cute animal clothing.

What would a weekend be without thrifting? I went a little crazy and went to three Goodwills on Saturday, but I keep it pretty tame when I go. We picked up a new game (had all the pieces, so how could we say no), cutesie placemats, new mugs (we need more obviously), some View-Master slides for my collection, a pot, and a new cookbook that I've wanted for a while.

I finally went to the eye doctor and got new glasses (it has been over 5 years). I inadvertently went ultra Portland when picking them out and picked a pair that was designed in Portland from 141 Eyewear, and the glasses are called the Foster (I linked it up it you are curious). Another neat-o thing is that when you purchase a pair of glasses from the company, they give a second pair of glasses to those in need. Double win! Ultimately, I am just ecstatic that I'll actually be able to see again. The coating on my current pair has worn down and has made everything blurry, but this will all be mended soon!

Hope you have a wonderful week,

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