Monday, April 27, 2015


Hello there all,
This week was a whirlwind of feelings and emotions that ended with a wonderful weekend vacation in Eugene.

Got some new glasses which I love.  It is still weird to look in the mirror and be all "who is that?"  But that should dissipate soon. 

Earth Day love.  I seriously think that I love this holiday more than most...or all. 

Just my new glass bird breathing smoke.  It was a salt and pepper shaker,  and The Mister suggested making it an incense burner.  I love how it looks with the smoke coming out of its mouth. It is pretty badass looking. 

I love wonderful mornings that start like this:  where The Mister and I sneak in a morning together to take it slow.  We eat breakfast together at a delicious place,  and he takes me to work instead of dealing with the morning commute.  During this time,  we take extra long to get ready and chat about life. 

Always leaving rocks around.  "Celebrate every breath,  every smile,  every person,  every day.  They are all grand and all make you... You." 

A great diagram on the perfect way to eat a cupcake at Hungry Heart. 

Weekend trip to Eugene.  More on that later this week. 


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