Thursday, April 30, 2015

Travel: Eugene, OR

Hello there all,

As I have already mentioned, The Mister and I went off to Eugene over the weekend. Eugene is pretty my speed  and known as "Hippie Town USA." However, the town is not raiding with hippies! There is just an ambiance of the hippie culture like the rainbow school bus with the chicken coop (complete with chickens) on top of it or the couple of drum circles that are constantly going. Man, I love Oregon!

The Mister and I have been to Eugene together before, and some of the places that we went to made such a lasting impression that we decided that we had to go back to experience some of these places again.

Here are just some of the things that make Eugene wonderful.


  • Owen Rose Memorial Garden which is more than roses, and it is such a pretty little walk. It is especially wonderful right now because everything is starting to bloom.

  • Skinner Butte Park has a great view of Eugene and the surrounding area. Also, it is part of the land where EUGENE Skinner lived-as in the Eugene of Eugene. They have a great walkway and one of the neatest playgrounds that I have ever been to. It is so interactive and has a neat-o historical theme.
  • Downtown Eugene has some drool worthy old buildings with lots of character and great public art throughout the area. I especially was crushing on some of the murals.

  • Beer Lovers- Last trip, we hit up Oakshire Brewing, Ninkasi, and Falling Sky and only chose to return to Falling Sky. Although, the other two were great, too. There is just something about the Falling Sky gastropub in the downtown area. Plus, who doesn't love flights shaped like clouds? The beer here is more for caramel-y lovers, though. We also experienced Hop Valley Brewing this trip, and I pretty want to marry all of their merchandise and their beers.
Falling Sky flights
Hop Valley Flight

  • Breakfast Lovers- The last trip that we were in Eugene, we had these EPIC waffles at Off the Waffle. We have been dreaming of these waffles ever since, and they were just as wonderful as the last time that we went there. Also, I had the best chai latte that I have ever had before. I wouldn't mind having this breakfast every meal for the rest of my life.

Off the Waffle noms

  • Coffee and Snackies can be found in a delightful plenty at Perugrino which is a coffee and wine bar, but it also has a tasty selection of pastries for those that need a glucose lift in the middle of the day. We liked this place and the vibe so much that we went yhere twice over the weekend.
Lavender cremosa and cinnamon mocha from Perugrino
  • Sweet tooth lovers will love Toadstool Cupcakes and Crumb Together (get it?). You go to Toadstool if you have a hankering for some deliciously, intricate cupcakes, or you go to Crumb Together if you want to nibble on some of the biggest and tastiest cookies tever. Or you can be like The Mister and I and go to both in the same hour!
We got a bag full of cookies! If you saw their selection, you'd understand.

Oh, these cupcakes. Swoon!

I love this chart. It has the anatomy of all of their "toadstools." Brilliant!

  • David Minor Theater is one of the most intimate theaters that I have ever been to. The theater was playing two movies at once, and we only had theater seating for about 30 people which that were all comfy chairs and couches. Great setting where you can watch a movie (for cheap), grab a meal or grab a drink! Also, we watched The Theory of Everything which I really enjoyed it!

  •  Level Up Arcade is a great place to pop into to play some pinball, Pac-Man(!), air hockey, or if you just feel like lounging and sipping on some adult beverages. It is a family friendly arcade by day and "barcade" by night when only the 21 and over can pop in. Also, the games are cheap which I've been seeing less in arcades lately, and I appreciate that these are all affordable.
Level Up's Pinball selection
  •  Hollywood Treasures and Reruns-There is no secret that I love thrift stores and antique shopping, but this little antique mall stole our heart with a couple of finds last time. So, we visited it again. I love that this place embraces that it used to be a "Hollywood Video" and just runs with it for the name!

  • Eugene Saturday Market which is a great location for finding fascinating works from artists, fresh farm produce, or a couple of drum circles. For those reasons, it is wonderful location for strolling and people watching.

  • Funagain Games is a great place to fuel your gaming addiction if you are like The Mister and I. We picked up two more games (because we obviously need more), and we had the great assistance of a very knowledgeable staff member to help the unnatural love we have.

What places do you love in Eugene?

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