Monday, April 20, 2015


Hello there all,

This week has been dramatically less busy than the last couple of weeks, but I still got some memorable shots to remember the week by. I love this practice of shooting the everyday stuff because it is so fun to look back at the little changes of some things that don't seem important at the time, but they end up being a big deal.

Just some cutie mushrooms that have been popping up around here.

What  would a week be without a trip to Hungry Heart? It is a magical way to start a weekday morning-before work.

Also, yay to trips to Jim and Patty's Coffee! Complete with delicious food and baked goods to go for later!

An adorably, sweet present from my grandpa.

Major garden planning has been happening around here.

Dear Dogwood trees, you should stick around all year.

Just leaving sweet notes around for strangers.

A week of photos without feet photos? NEVER!

Waiting for friends before dinner at Muu Muu's, it is never a chore to wait around for others in this gorgeous city.

Made some pretty tasty noms this weekend including these guys. This weekend, The Mister and I were so busy getting things done around the house, and this was just one item on the checklist. Yay for a life where chocolate chip cookies are on the to-do list.


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