Friday, November 21, 2014


Hello there all,

Here is the week in review through little glimpses. This was a pretty uneventful week, but it was also good with all of its simplicity. In the past, I worried when life wasn't chaotic and crazy because it felt like life was losing substance and growth. However, what I am learning is that when you find a perfect mix of simplicity, you can grow more and explore the person that you want to be.








What's the deal?
1.) The Supreme Bagel from Bagel Land in Portland. We didn't really go out to eat this week which is a rarity for us. This is one of the only places that we went.
2.) I have been drinking a ridiculous amount of coffee this week. Usually, I try to not drink it because I don't like to be reliant on caffeine. However, there has been quite a bit of coffee this week. It hasn't been to deal with lack of sleep or anything. The reason that I've been doing it is because I just like coffee.
3.) Teepa Snow conference which literally changed how I work with my residents. I seemed to have such positive experiences with residents today.
4.) Lurve is lovely, and i am obsessed with Instagram right now.
5.) Last weekend, I found a dress that I've literally been dreaming about almost my whole life, and it looks awesome on me. Woot! Double woot? It was being sold at a thrift store.
6.) I've raved about how good these muffins are. On Sunday, I will be making some more.
7.) We have been making Christmas lists left and right, and I cannot believe how soon it is until the day. I l


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