Saturday, November 15, 2014


Hello there all,

This hasn't been a majorly exciting week. I'll be honest, but it was still full of beautiful moments.











Here is the scoop:
1.) I am seeing/feeling the Winter holiday season pop up everywhere, and I am usually anti-any holidays before Thanksgiving. However, I am ashamed to admit that I am already starting to get into the mood. Whenever I see these trees lit up in Portland, it awakens me to the change of season soon.
2.) A sweet tumbler that a pretty neat-o co-worker got me.
3.) An adorable set of magnets that one of the Mister's co-workers got me from Korea. She is a sweetheart.
4.) Went to go see the movie Boyhood, This movie was unlike anything that I have ever seen because they shot this film over 12 years using the same cast over the 12 years to show aging over time naturally. It was so neat, and it was ridiculously "real". Yes, I feel cliche and silly using that word, but it is true. The movie was beautiful. There was some portions that seemed a little long, but I would strongly recommend it. Do it.
5.) It was just a smidge cold around here.
6.) Exploring one of my favorite buildings in all of Portland.
7.) This week was for cupcake/muffin making-mostly eating in this house.
8.) The kiddo and I went to grab beer and pizza. They are a couple designed from the gods.
9.) We made this recipe for stuffed acorn squash. However, we used vegetable crumbles-italian sausage instead. This meal was meat friendly.
10.) My residents can really make me heart swell. Today, they made these adorable garlands to put in the houses. I love them.


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