Saturday, November 8, 2014

DIY: Massage Oil

Hello there guys,

After a long day (or heck after a short day), who doesn't love a good back rub? Last year, I got my first official massage, and it just about changed my life. Massage therapy is truly a wonderful and magical thing. However, I think that a rub can go wrong without the proper oil. If you don't use massage oil, I strongly recommend getting some because it drastically alters the experience. Recently, we ran out of our massage oil, and we had some leftover essential oils after I made some beard oil for the mister, so I went about making my own. It is wonderful to make your own because it is cheaper, AND you can modify it to more closely match your wants.

Originally, I was reluctant to share this recipe only because I feel like there is some weird taboo about massage oil. But the thing is that is ridiculous! There is nothing wrong with individuals using massage oil, and there should not be silly inferred sexual connotations associated with it. Yes, sometimes sex propels from a massage, but it is silly to think that massage=sexual encounter. Maybe it is just me that assumes their association because of my middle school boy humor. Who knows?

Everything that I used for this recipe can be found at health food stores, I got mine at New Seasons, but I've seen these items at many other places.

The goods:
  • Grapeseed oil-because it has skin care properties
  • Almond oil-moisturizing properties
  • Tea Tree Oil-delicious smell with a cleansing ability
  • Lavender oil-delicious smell with a calming ability
  • 4 oz Container to carry it in

What io do:

Unfortunately, there isn't really any science to this as preference of smell is all personal, but I will attempt to explain this as much as possible.

1.) Open your storage container, fill it almost to the top with a mixture of almond oil and grapeseed oil in almost 50/50 portions. The proportions on these two do not matter as they are neutral oils with no aromatic properties. Leave some room on the top to add the aromatic oils.

2.) Add 18 drops of tea tree oil and 10 drops of lavender. This is the scent preference for this household, but it might be different for you, so I would suggest starting with a low portion of each and experiment to find what you like. If you don't want any aroma to your oil, the grapeseed oil and almond oil mixture will still work wonderfully.

3.) Use whenever you feel the need.

Happy massaging,

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