Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Celebrating Life: Guy Fawkes Day-5th of November

Hello there all,

Who has heard the wonderful rhyme "Remember, Remember the 5th of November.."? If you have not read it before, I strongly suggest reading it here. I'll admit that I was not familiar with the verse until the 2005 movie V for Vendetta. However, I now look forward to every 5th of November to celebrate the day. England has been celebrating Guy Fawkes Day for years. To brief up on your history nerdiness, click here.

Guy Fawkes is scaled into a new dimension of complexity where he is now the face of rebellion such as with the group Anonymous. I have been enamored with rebellion and stories of it since the Little Mermaid days: Ariel rebellious teenager that just wants the hunk. It. All. Makes. Sense.

I like to celebrate Guy Fawkes Day, but I don't celebrate it for the traditional concept of thwarting rebellion but with the celebration of rebellion. It is all V for Vendetta's fault. Honest.

Plus, it gives me a reason to watch this awesome movie and get into the spirit of it. I love finding reasons to celebrate each day, and it just gives me a little something special for November 5th.

Here is the Like the Season's way to celebrate Guy Fawkes Day:

1.) Watch this.

2.) Read this.

3.) Burn things: candles, fireworks, bonfires, wood fires, etc.

4.) Drink delicious warm drinks

5.) Think how wonderful it is to live in a place where I can be my rebellious self.

Stay rebellious,

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