Sunday, November 23, 2014

Rock Hides

Hello there all,

I always think that it is fun to do a little something that brings a smile to someone's face. There is something to be said for the happiness of bringing joy to others. As the old saying goes, giving is better than receiving.

Recently, I got a little idea to write/draw on some rocks and hide them around town. So, I did that today :). There was some exhilaration of finding a good spot that someone will notice, but you also don't want others to notice what you are doing. You feel like a secret agent hiding the disposable phone underneath the mailbox.

Here are the goods:

What it said: "It's a good day to have a good day!"
Where I hid it: 2nd avenue in downtown Portland 

What it says: "Be okay with where you are, even if you know you want to change."
Where I hid it: The left foot of the Dragon outside the Chinatown gate.

What it says: "You must do the thing that you think you cannot do."
Where I hid it: Across from the Bancorp tower

What it says: "It takes a very long time to become young."
Where I hid it: SW Alder St in Downtown Portland

What it says: "You have such a great smile!"
Where I hid it: The statue that stands in Pioneer Square

What it says:" Have more. Do more. Be more."
Where I hid it: Blue line train heading west.

What it says: "You look particularly good today."
Where I hid it: Westbound Waterfront near Japanese American Historical Plaza

What it says: "Love each other."
Where I hid it: Eastbank Esplanade near the Steel Bridge

Here is to bringing more joy to others and to bringing a bit of whimsy to our lives.


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