Sunday, January 18, 2015


Hello there all,

This week has been a very chill-zo week, and here is just a look at how adventurous I was ;).









What is the lowdown?

1.) This is the 3rd book for this year already. I shot to read 12 this year, but it seems like I may get there a lot sooner. Also, this book is hilarious.
2.) I have been working on dressing in what makes me happy lately. More on this later this week.
3.) Getting rid of ALL the things! Simplifying and it feels great.
4.) Video game night! The Mister is pretty pro at games, and he is teaching me the ropes.
5.) Doodles before nommy Chinese food is delivered. There is a tree with our initials and a pig wearing a sombrero.
6.) We played a new card game: Jaipur. Us and all the games lately.
7.) Bipartisan Cafe really makes me swoon. It is such a delightful little place, and I nerd out over all of the historical photos and the beauty of the old building.
8.) Making some art for our walls.


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