Monday, January 26, 2015

DIY: Vintage Handkerchief Banner

Hello there all,

Awhile ago, the Mister's mom sent us a beautiful selection of vintage handkerchiefs that had belonged to women in his family. Being me, I thought of a million different possibilities, but the Mister wanted to make sure that they were left in tack and not sewn or anything (they are heirlooms after all!). I've used a couple of the beauties throughout the house for decor to sit on (kind of like how people use doilies). However, I wanted a project to use multiple handkerchiefs, and so, this banner was born.

What you'll need:
-Vintage Handkerchiefs
-Twine, string, rope, etc.
-Ruler or measuring tape
-tacks, nails, or other hanging devices

What to do:
1.) Measure how long of a piece of string that you will want for your banner. I used 80 inches for mine. It worked perfectly for 6 handkerchiefs. 
2.) Calculate how many handkerchiefs will hang on that piece of string. You do this by folding the handkerchiefs in half and then lining them up on the string.
3.) Iron the handkerchiefs in half to get out any folds or creases. Be super careful because some handkerchiefs are made from synthetics, or they are super fragile because they are old!
4.) Drape the string where you want it to hang and place the handkerchiefs on the string. The string should rest at the fold that you made while ironing.
5.) Marinate in your awesomeness.