Saturday, January 3, 2015


Hello there all,

here are some glimpses of the week around these parts:








What's the deal?

1.) A picture of the mister. Why? Because look at how handsome he is. I am so in love with this man. We were enjoying breakfast at Laurelhurst Cafe. It is one of our favorite breakfast places.
2.) Carcassone because board games are neat-o.
3.) We made it to Slappy Cakes on New Year's Day. It was a nice happenstance because it was pretty much the only place open for breakfast on New Year's. Also, I have been wanting to go there for awhile. Yummmy.
4.) New Year's Eve dinner at Bridge City Taproom. Who doesn't love Tater tots?
5.) George Washington isn't at all like what I expected in person. Spotted at Bipartisan Cafe.
6.) Just leaving random notes for strangers on the max.
7.) Nature and I are friends. I miss being able to enjoy the outdoors, but I will take warm blankets and tea over the summer heat any day!

Have the most magnificent week,

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