Friday, January 16, 2015

Food Focus Friday: Pieper Cafe

Hello there all,

Let's talk about food for a second. In case you have somehow been living under rock these days, I am kind of in love with food. However, aren't we all kind of about food? Neglecting the sights, smells, and tastes of a delectable feast, food is so much more than the sensory experience of consuming the food. Food is community. Food is gathering, and food is creation.

We work to create sensory experiences to create a communal activity for all. We show our love for others by creating nourishment and experiences for others. Through this labor of love, we are able to create a moment to remember.This is why I am infatuated with experiencing new places to eat. Through visiting these places, I am able to taste a bit of the labor of love of many different individuals. Additionally, I am a sucker for a great atmosphere and a tasty, well tended meal.

On Food Focus Friday, I am hoping to spotlight places that are excellent in creating something delicious, and they possess that little something extra. They seem to understand that food is about by creating community and showing appreciation for others by sharing a delectable experience of noms.

This sounds so snooty, and these places are anything but that. Moral of the story? These people get food.

With all of that said, my first choice for Food Focus Friday is a neat little place that the Mister and I happened upon last weekend for the first time: Pieper Cafe. Why is this place so neat? Well, it gets that whole food thing that I've been talking about. We stopped in just for coffee (yes, coffee is food!), and the Mister and I both had mochas which were so delicious. I ordered a caramel mocha which I was pleasantly surprised to learn that they make their own caramel. YUM! They make their coffee with Stumptown coffee, and the flavor doesn't disappoint.

Pieper Cafe has a delightful balance of nommy deliciousness along with a cutesie atmosphere. Get a load of those mushrooms on the tables and the black and white checkered flooring (I am a sucker for black and white checkers)! To top this all off, THEY HAVE PINBALL! If a place has good coffee, they are usually okay in my book, but if you give me pinball. SWOON!

If you are in the mood for some great coffee and want to team it up with some EXTREME PINBALL, head to Pieper Cafe and show your taste buds some love.


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