Thursday, January 22, 2015

Thankful Thursday: Patience

Hello there all,

This week has really been a real gift for me at work. It has really showed me why I love working with those that have dementia. It is an incredibly rewarding experience, and I am so thankful for the skills that my job has given me.  The amount of patience that I exercise daily is trying and rewarding.  It is not always there as much as I want it to be, but I am thankful that I have it to enable a loving/understanding environment for my residents. By enabling myself to not fret and worry,  I am able to see my residents for the wonderful people they are.  Also,  I am so fascinated at seeing how they complete tasks that others view as usual everyday tasks. You can watch their brains strain to complete these tasks, and you see them tackle the obstacles in new ways.  The brain is a fascinating thing!

I am grateful for my patience to allow me to work with these hilarious and ridiculously caring individuals. It allows me the privilege to be a part of their life, and I am able to see the world in so many different lenses. These people have truly changed my life.


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