Monday, May 25, 2015


Hello there all, 

I slacked off last week with a Snapshots post because I didn't take too many pictures last week.  It would've been boring!  However,  this has been one eventful week. 

After a very blah day,  I chose to use that negative energy and turn it into something good.  I left this little surprise for a stranger on the sidewalk. 

Killing time at a bus stop.

My co-workers (and I)  were in need of a little uplift,  so I brought an insane amount of donuts to work. 

Found this silly note on a walk.  What is the "nauber"?  I need to know! 

This girl got an awesome new car!  YAY!  There will be a post all about this soon! 

Went to Casa Del Matador with some loverly friends in search of the best nachos in Portland.  Unfortunately,  I do not feel like these are the best,  but they ARE dang good.  I am just very picky and serious about my nachos. 

Here are the Texas size nachos.  Soooo big.  Soooooo good,  but I don't think they are THE best. 

Went to Bipartisan Cafe before going to the Academy Theater to watch Song of the Sea. Real talk: Song of The Sea is probably one of the most beautiful movies that I have ever seen.  It is an animated film that uses various styles,  and it was just so gorgeous.  I felt incredibly inspired afterwards. 

Earring collection

What would a weekend be without a trip to Hungry Heart? 

Frozen yogurt is good for all ailments. 

Creative field trips are necessary and wonderful.  Plus you never know what you can find on these trips. 

Just one of my recent silly drawings. It just a cutesie little forest. 


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