Sunday, May 3, 2015

May The Fourth Be With You

Hello there all,

Happy May the Fourth!  Do you know whay today is?  It is Star Wars Day because of May the Fourth Be With You.  I miss the days where I was able to convince children to celebrate the holiday with me (like events at Boys and Girls Club that I put on) ,  but I still find my own ways to rock the holiday. 

For those of you that have missed it: I pretty love Star Wars.  Blame it on my brother or the Star Wars wallpaper that was up in my nursery (we were renting). I've always been doomed to love the saga. 

How will I be celebrating the holiday?

Well,  I'll be wearing this adorable little number. 

I'll be hiding these Star Wars rocks around town.  I made the rocks to have famous Star Wars quotes and with some Star Wars stickers that I had. 

Just marvel in some of my silly Star Wars decor: Darth Vader helmet,  light saber,  Star Wars lego sets,  and some action figures.  

Get excited for the new Star Wars movie and watch some of the original guys. 

May tbe Force Be With You, 

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