Sunday, March 8, 2015


Hello there all,

Hope that your week was magical, and you got to see something beautiful. Take a gander at this week around here:

The weather around here has been awesome, and it has been gifting me some spectacular walks home lately.

Dominion, tea, and brownies is guaranteed to make me happy. Also, isn't that mug the cutest thing you have ever seen. I am seriously smitten.

Anniversary love scroll. Our three year anniversary was on Wednesday, and we planned a Middle Eastern themed date, and we both dorkily made scrolls with love notes on it (not planned). This is the one from the Mister. I gave him ones with Egyptian themed pick up lines like "Wanna go behind a pyramid and make me a mummy?" We're dorky, and I love it.

Anniversary Feast at Yahala. Nommiest noms. Sooooo delicious.

Co-workers rocking the photo booth glasses from work this week.

I found a couple of sweet notes like this around the neighborhood this week. Other ones include "please be kind," "please pick up after your pet," etc.

I just really loved my outfits this week :).

After a family BBQ, the Mister and I explored downtown a bit. We hit up in the process. Have you been there before? You should definitely try their ice cream sandwiches if you haven't. They have them at some local stores, too.

Hope this week is magical,

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