Monday, March 16, 2015


Hello there all,

This week has been busy. Don't I always say that? Doesn't make it any less true.

Here is the epic-ness in review (most of it has no documentation).

One of my favorite little shops (It's a Gift) teamed up with a a cupcake food cart and reformed into a newbie place in Montavilla. This muffin is seriously the best muffin that I have ever had. It is a cinnamon pecan muffin. Visit them at Hungry Heart Cupcakes for delicious baked goods, nommy coffee, or cutesie gift ideas. Seriously, this place is so cute.

For Pi Day, we went the route of Pie Milkshakes at Shari's because the Mister does not like pie.

Neat-o project that is coming to the blog soon.

Been playing with watercolors. I have just been kind of seeing how colors blend and all that.Look at how cute this hummingbird turned out.

We have gotten a bit obsessed with games lately. Over the weekend, we were exploring downtown Gresham and came across this new to us game place. Pretty excited to go back for more tabletop games.

Creative field trips are my favorite. Thrift stores and antique shops fuel the creative juice fire.Everything can be made into something new and fabulous.

Just being a always. I'm a puppy in this picture...obviously.


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