Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Twisted Cabaret

Hello there all,

A while back, The Mister bought us some tickets to the "Twisted Cabaret" without us not quite knowing what it was. We originally were thinking burlesque instead of cabaret. Although we didn't see any naked ladies, it was quite a wonderful experience.

Alberta Rose Theater
The show is based around the principle that all of the performers of a cabaret show are not able to make it, so one performer, Frank Olivier, has to do all of the performances. Let me tell you: I cannot even believe that one man can do all of the things that he does, and I also don't know how he found out that he can do some of these things!

Knife throwing at a blow up doll...

The show has an amazing mix of crazy performance art plus ridiculously cheesy or "inappropriate" jokes which is my favorite kind of humor. Therefore, I thoroughly enjoyed the show even with floss going in places that I didn't know it could go (It is not as bad as it sounds. I swear!) and seeing grown men in tutus. It is such a joy to see one man, Olivier, run around frantically trying to perform so many different unusual acts. I don't feel like I can give the credit where credit is due. Just trust me: it is a one of kind show that truly understands the spirit of Portland.

Frank Olivier and I

The show's MC mentioned that they are thinking about coming back to Portland next year, and I sure hope they do!


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