Monday, June 8, 2015


Hello there all,
This week has been full of too much heat, beautiful people,  and crafts!

I adore moments like these of sitting on the patio just doing our own thing but being together. 

Recently,  all of my shoes decided to die,  so I have been doing some major shoe shopping lately. Fun fact: I may be the only girl that hates shoe shppping.  

National Donut day breakfast before partaking in more donuts at work... 

Found what might be our new burger joint: Slowburger.  Sooooooo good. 

Asian market mall.  Love. 

Cutesie outdoor seating for the birthday celebration for some of my favorite people: Annie,  Vanessa,  and Rend. 

Definite summer in these neck of the woods.  Homemade popsicles for the win! 

Hands down THE cutest mural that I have ever seen. 


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