Saturday, June 13, 2015

DIY: Rock gnomes

Hello there all,

It isn't really a secret that I love to paint/draw on rocks. I think it has to do with the fact that is an easy medium, and I don't feel like I am wasting anything if I mess up. The rock can just go right back in the dirt. It takes away some of that fear of failure.

Also, I have a love for gnomes. Yes, I think it is the granola/old lady gardener in me. After seeing, Jesiiii's brooch gnomes. I was inspired to make my own gnomes for plants around my house.

Here's What You'll Need
  • clean rocks
  • paint brush
  • paint pen (optional)
  • chalk
  • dishwasher safe decoupage

Here's How to Make the Cuties

1.) Draw the rough outline of the gnome with chalk on the rock.


2.) Using a flesh tone, paint the face of your gnome. Let this dry, and if you need to do any more layers, make sure it dries before starting step 3.

3.) Paint the hat of you gnome. Let the paint dry. As you can tell by the next picture, I had some hat color issues arise.

4.) Paint the shirt of the gnome. Let dry.
5. Paint the beard/mustache. Let dry.

 6.) Outline any features that you want to stand out with black. I used a paint pen for this, but you could use a small paintbrush. Have fun and enjoy adding little details like buttons. Let this dry.

7.) Add white detailing to make the eyes pop. Let this dry.

8.) Add a layer of dishwasher safe decoupage. Let it dry and add a second layer of decoupage. Let it cure for 24 hours before putting it near a plant. If you just want to use this for decoration, you can skip this step, but I wanted the gnome to be waterproof for when I water plants.


9.) Make the gnome some gnomies, so he doesn't get lonely.

That's it!

 Also, this gnome is my favorite, so I wanted to show him off a bit more :).

Happy crafting,

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