Thursday, June 18, 2015


Hey there all, 

Life is grand,  and I feel happier than I've been for awhile.  Life seems to be falling into place.

First spring harvest: broccoli and romaine. 

Currently,  I am working on a project at work called: Lessons of a Lifetime.  I asked my residents: What does freedom mean to you?  This is what one of my residents said in response to my question.  

Just a little happy corner of the home. 

Portland exploring. 

Got these hop earrings that I no joke have been lusting over forevs.  Finally found the source: Hopped Up Jewelry.  Beer girl drool. 

The Mister and I bought allllll the plants for me to kill. 

Waffle Window always makes my heart smile. 

North Waterfront exploring. 

Busy bees

Dinner at The Original: chicken and waffles, poutine,  chocolate peanut butter milkshake,  and "artisan"  hot pockets.  We're totally adults.

This week has been extra busy and messy  at work because I have a big family event tomorrow.  This is what my office looked like when I left today. 


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