Monday, December 29, 2014

Word of 2014

Hello there all,

At the close of each year, many people look towards the upcoming year, but I think it is also important to reflect on the past year. After all, it is through understanding our past that we are better able to more fully understand ourselves and make decisions for the future (Later on this week, I will discuss 2015 goals).

So, many bloggers in the blogosphere have explored this idea of using one word to encapsulate their goals for the next year. These words are supposed to epitomize many things, so they are usually words that have a more grandiose concept like: create, relationships, gratitude, etc. I very much like this idea, and I will probably do it one year. However, I enjoy the concept of using this to reflect upon my past year, and I gave myself an assignment to come up with a word to describe the past year. After much deliberation the perfect word hit me: TRY!

It is so perfect. You don't even know.

This past year, I have tried to shut away so many insecurities and fears of failure to do things that I have never even attempted. Previously, I had such great fears of failure, and I was worried that others were going to notice the failure. However, I am truly recognizing that in order to succeed you have to fail, and it is okay to fail. How else do you learn? This isn't to say that I am still scared of failure, but I have much more of a let it go philosophy.

This year, I have been trying so many things, and I love it!
-Moved in with my mister. The first significant other that I have lived with.
-Finally taught myself to sew. I am still learning.
-So many crafting trys (and failures!)
-My fashion sense is a lot more off kilter, but it is a lot more me these days.
-Riding my bike Fennewick a whole lot
-Living in Portland
-Doing a whole commute with public transportation
-Making a lot of different drinks: kombucha, various lemonades, etc.
-First gardening experience
-Trying different foods and different places
-Viewing people from different angles without the judgmental tone of the past
-Hiding even more random objects
-Starting this blog
-Connecting with more people via the interwebs

With all of these wonderful opportunities, what will 2015 bring? We'll see.



  1. This is why I like you. You inspire me!

  2. Thank you :). I've never been called inspiring before!