Sunday, December 28, 2014

December Snapshots

Hello there all,

I have been kind of off the radar lately between making Christmas presents and being with those that I love. But I am back!

Here are some snapshots from the last month.









Here is the lowdown:
1.) Stark Street Pizza noms
2.)  Hopworks flight. A flight with 15 beers is my kind of flight.
3.) Our cutesie little Christmas tree.
4.) Gingerbread mochas at Caffee Destino
5.) Coffee and noms at Water Avenue
6.) Homemade dinosaur ornaments for my nephews.
7.) Homemade lotion bars for Christmas presents. Oh man guys, they smell so freaking delicious. I might need to make a tutorial for these soon.
8.) I made these bird feeder guys. I followed this tutorial. However, I added an extra step to the directions. After I tied the twine through the hole, I made another small batch of gelatin, and I dipped each of the bird feeders into the gelatin.


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