Monday, December 1, 2014

What I Wore: Mistakes Happen

Hello there all,

Some days, you are adventurous, and you try out something new. Some days, your adventurous spirit pays off, and you rock an awesome outfit. That day was NOT today.

This morning, I decided to try something new and mix it up in my wardrobe. (Read: oh man, girl tried to be creative on a Monday morning after a 4 day weekend. What was she thinking?) By this afternoon, I recognized the disaster that had exploded on my body. It. was. BAD.

But you know what? I tried something new. How are you supposed to hit a home run when you don't even practice hitting the ball? So today was not my day. Who cares? We can't be afraid to try new things. Trying is something that I've been doing a lot lately, and now, I notice that when I try I succeed a lot more often (no, I am not just talking about clothes people).

Shirt(actually a dress): thrifted from Goodwill originally from Target
Belt: Came with dress
Skirt: thrifted from Rerun
Cardigan: Friend gave it to me
Scarf: Thrifted from Goodwill
Shoes: Thrifted from random Pick of the Litter in Newport
Moral of the story? Just try it. When you fail, try it again.


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