Friday, February 13, 2015

Thankful Thursday: Yellow (late)

Hello there all,

I remember asking my great grandma what her favorite color was, and she told me yellow. I also remember the repulsive feeling that I felt when she admitted that. Who would like the color yellow? Scratch that, who could like the color yellow? It is the color of pee! It was a disgusting thought to me that someone liked the color yellow. At this time, my favorite color was pink, and I thought that it was weird that everybody wasn't as infatuated with it as I was.

Growing up, I steered away from pink and fell in love with orange (still one of my favorite colors along with burgundy. My name is Autumn after all.). However, I still could not fathom that anyone would even want to even wear the color yellow. In my book, yellow was still the ugliest color. Even though I fell in love with yellow's color wheel neighbor, orange, I just couldn't wrap my head around anyone liking yellow.

Fast forward to today, I am so smitten with yellow. At first, I was reluctant to even admit it to myself. Me? Liking yellow? What? Am I sick? Now, I wear yellow more than I wear either of my favorite colors. At first, I fell in smitten with mustard, and that became the gateway drug to "canary yellow." I constantly want to paint everything canary, and I am always drawn to mustard clothing. Who have I become? I am just the walking pee color lover. Judge away.

Smitten with yellow,

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