Sunday, February 8, 2015


Hello there all,

What has been going on around here you ask? Well, take a gander.








What are the deets?

1.) The mister and I visited American Dream Pizza after a very long workday. We went here a couple of weeks ago with some friends, and we decided to experience it again because it was pretty nommy. Also, they have the coolest tables there. I am serious: the coolest. I super dig the atmosphere. Also, fun fact is they were rocking some awesome 90s music that night. So good.
2.) I have been by this place so many times, and we finally got to go explore in there for a bit. It has so many odds and ends, and it is full of home goodness. When we land a casa, I will probably be here everyday.
3.) Solstice Mocha at Rain or Shine Coffee House. This place has amazing coffee, and the veggie bagel sandwich makes my heart sing. Just saying.
4.) We did some thrifting at a couple of different places this weekend (surprise, surprise!). We got nothing, but it is always amusing to see what is out there. This was at House of Vintage
5.) Mini animal explosion. I bought a couple of sets to make earrings with. I am pretty excited!
6.) First dentist trip in 10 years. It wasn't as bad as I expected, but it wasn't as good as I was hoping for. People, make those appointments.
7.) The sky has been KILLING it this week. Gorgeous!


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