Saturday, February 21, 2015

Salem Trip

Hello there all,

Over Valentine's Day weekend, The Mister and I went on a trip to Salem. Why? It is so close, but it is far enough away to feel like we were getting away. We were able to get a schmancy hotel downtown (because who tries to live the schmancy lifestyle in Salem?) for a way cheaper budget than Portland. During college, I lived rather close to Salem, and I never understood the intrigue of it all. However, I have a secret: I have a bit of a crush on Salem now. It has some neat architecture, some delicious noms, and it is rich in Oregon history. Nerdiness love!

The drive there

Me and "Dr. John McLoughlin" at the Oregon Birthday Celebration at the capitol

The capitol

Oregon birthday cake

Mental Health Museum at the Oregon State Hospital

Finding my Great Grandpa George Evans at the WW2 memorial

Brewery tour at Gilgamesh Brewing

A+A Declaring gross love at Gilgamesh

The Coin Jam an arcade and grill

Eco-globe on the Salem riverfront

Carousel on the Salem waterfront

Milkshakes and Jaipur at Rock N Rogers

Watched the Imitation Game which spurred a lot of conversation

It was a ridiculously, lovely weekend. Sorry for all the pictures, but this doesn't even begin to show all of them.


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