Monday, February 9, 2015

People Watching

Hello there all,

I have a secret: I love to people watch. Not only do I love to people watch, but I love to observe and assume life stories based off of these observations. Constantly, I am observing and wondering basic facts on lifestyle choices and relationships.

When I am immersed in a crowd of others, I sit around and become intoxicated with thoughts of others. I catch myself investigating relationships between others (brother/sister?, couple?, friends?, etc.), others ongoings, or even mood of complete strangers. It is almost a game to try to figure it out. I used to think this was something that everyone did until I kept bombarding the Mister with questions like "Do you think that the guy over there is meeting his girlfriend's parents for the first time?" This was when I realized that not everybody ponders about these things.

Yesterday, the Mister and I went to a coffee shop, and I was quietly thinking about "what are they drawing over there? (above picture)" or "What are they typing? (below picture) Is it a paper? Is it a blog post? Is it a Facebook status? What is it?" or "I wonder how long that couple has been together...She probably works as a yoga instructor, and he is a software developer." My head is constantly in motion thinking these thoughts about those that are around me. I am unnaturally curious about the stories of complete strangers.

Is it me being nosey? Probably, but I like to think that it is an intrigue in the stories of others. It really makes sense because I also am ridiculously smitten with blogs, movies, books, etc. Anything that has a story with some good substance.

Does anybody else people watch? When you do, what types of things do you observe or think about?


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