Monday, February 23, 2015

Portland's Idea of Rebellion: Cleanup

Hello there all,

Last weekend after The Mister and I watched the Imitation Game, we started talking about problems that we see in the world, and this lead to us discussing what the solutions to the big problems are. During this time, we also discussed that it is easier to talk about what needs to be done instead of actually doing something, and we didn't like that we were sitting around waiting for things to be done. So, we decided to make a date for the next weekend to do a local cleanup.

The idea is that we wouldn't be so down on how ugly our neighborhood is on our walks, to encourage others not to litter, to have a safer space for community animals, and to embrace the concept that areas that are cleaner tend to experience less crime (this is a tested and proven fact within the criminology field). This is a neat little read about cleanups and what it does for a community.

Who Helped Us
It was The Mister and I, but we found a cute little kitty that helped amuse us during the couple of hours that we did our cleaning. He was a cutie, and I think that he was hanging out with us as a thank you for making it safer for him and his little furry buddies.

What We Found
In our cleanup,we walked .3 miles. Yes, we only covered .3 miles...However, we got THREE bags full! Anyone else think that is sad? Why are we treating our neighborhoods like this?  We found many things that you would expect to find: cigarette butts, food wrappers, newspapers, broken glass, etc. However, there were some peculiar finds including:
  • pregnancy test next to a dirty diaper
  • 2 dog leashes
  • dental mirror
  • perfume bottle AND cologne bottle
  • half a can of olives with some left for nomming
  • heroine needle. Yum!

It was a really great feeling to be proactive and do something that made us see some immediate results. What problems do you see that need fixing in the world? What should we do to fix it?


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