Monday, November 3, 2014

Birthday 2014

Hello there all,

Another year lived, another year older. I am now the big 2-8. Yes, I know that it might sound old OR young to you, but I have to say that I cannot believe that I am 28. It sounds so incredibly close to 29 which is deadly close to 30. Growing up, I never thought that I would be shaken by getting close to 30, but here I am slightly freaking out. I still can't believe that I have fooled others into believing that I am an adult. However, I promise you that I am the dictionary definition of an adult, but I am still not a grown up. How could I be a grown up? But I am a little frightened that my young self might think I am. How did I get here?

Anyways, this is how I celebrated the glorious day:

Ate some delicious breakfast noms with my love at Pine State Biscuits.

Some beer sampling at Growler's Hawthorne.

Did an obscene amount of thrifting. We made away with some amazing deals today, and I mean ridiculously amazing deals. It was some of our best work.

The Mister surprised me with a sweet scavenger hunt. Here are some of the clues.

Ate nachos and drank delicious beers at Migration Brewing.

All in all, it was a wonderful day full of memories, love, thrifting, and good food. It makes me a little more excited to be bringing on another year and more accepting and grateful for the years that I've had. It even brings a little excitement for the years to come. However, I don't think that I will be growing into the grown up title anytime soon.

Cheers to another happy year,

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