Monday, January 4, 2016

December Favorites

Hello there all,

December has came and gone all too quickly. Really though. Am I the only one that felt like December legitimately flew? The holiday season came and went so fast this year.

I am going to start a little something around here where I talk about monthly favorites. It will be a random mix of things that I have been crushing on in the last month, and there won't be any rhyme nor reason other than I like them.

Photo from this Cupcake calendar from Paper Craft.

Let's get on with the December Favorites shall we!

Pore Strips- Ya'll, I don't know what it is about them, but I am in love. I remember these coming out forever ago and thinking it was weird, but let me tell you; I am hooked. There is something about them that I just love. It is this wonderfully gross entertainment to investigate the strips after you tear them off. Santa even brought me some this year because he knows how much I have been digging them. This is what I have been using.

 Honey Lavender Tea- As every December proves to be, this December was ridic stressful, and I have been looking for anyway to destress. Awhile back, I saw Ingrid Nilsen talk about this tea over on her Youtube channel. This month, I tried it, and it is so delicious. It isn't overly fragrant or old lady-ish (as lavender can be), but it is just the right amount with a splash of the honey. It is just lovely.

Redfin- The Mister and I have been using this site/app pretty non-stop throughout the month. We were using Zillow for awhile, but Redfin has more up to date information and uses MLS listings to develop their list. Their website can be a little frustrating sometimes, but it really has been helping us in this process.

Reading out loud- Now, this might seem a little strange to ya'll, but last month, I thought that it might be nice to read a book out loud to Andrew. We have done random stories in the past, but it really became a bit of a thing this month. I think it was because we have been trying to spend less money and be at home more. It has been a perfect way to spend time together, and it is so fun to be able to talk about the story as we get into the book. We started/finished our first book last month which is another of my December favorites.

Divergent (novel)- I'm a little behind as far as this book goes because I am pretty sure that everybody has already read it. It is just a really interesting, fast paced novel with an adventurous/mysterious plot line. Also, I have a bit of a thing for dystopian books/movies: Hunger Games series, 1984, Maze Runner series, V for Vendetta, etc. So, it isn't a huge surprise that I would like something in this category. I would definitely recommend this series to someone looking for an interesting read.

New laptop- It has been such a blessing to have a laptop again and feel like I can continue doing this. Plus, there is something so wonderful about the tactile nature and clickiness of a laptop that a phone lacks. Please tell me that other people understand what I mean.

What were you loving in December? What thing are you digging that I need to dig, too?



  1. Love the idea of reading a book to each other! Dec. is so stressful! I watched a ton of Hallmark Christmas movies so I could enjoy the Holidays some. Our Trip to the Outer Banks, to Jess and Benj's house was the most relaxing Christmastime ever! We had the warmest December on record, that was nice too! I dislike darkness , i.e. daylight savings time. It makes me sleep a lot.

    1. It is such a fun experience to read to each other, and we are already planning what our next series will be. You should try it because it really allows you to cross books off of your "to read" list, and you get to spend time with someone.

      Around December, it is is so easy to get mixed up in the hustle and bustle of the season, but I am already creating plans to make next year be much more relaxing.

      Glad that your Christmas was relaxing. I like the wintertime, but I don't like how dark it is either. When it is cold, I feel like I can always get warm, but it is impossible to cool down when I am hot. However, the whole being dark thing when I wake up for the morning and being dark when I head home after work is a bummer. It feels like my whole day gets devoted to work.