Monday, February 1, 2016

We got a house! Part two

Hello there all,

Alright, I am back with more photos of what the house looks like. You know, the house that I'm going to live in! Oh, I am so excited and can't stop talking about it.

During this post, we are going to do the main level of the house.

Living room

Dining room

Walkway to bathroom/main level bedrooms



Kitchen/breakfast nook

So excited, too excited!


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  2. It is beautiful! I love the hardwood floors. The kitchen looks like it has a cute nook with curved walls and that scalloped frame at the tub, so charming!!!

    1. In the past, I have felt like carpet was my thing, but for some reason, this house has totally turned me around. They are just dreamy. Also, I am happy to know that someone else loves the scalloped frame around the tub. It brings the bathroom such character!

  3. This house is so awesome! I can't wait to see how you decorate it. How many rooms and bathrooms? What's the square feet? Maybe I missed that.

    1. Sorry Autumn the last post was from Debra Heintz

    2. Hey Debster,
      It has 4 bedrooms with one bath (we will probably add on a bathroom down the line). It is 3,000ish sq ft. I can't remember the exact square footage, but it is pretty big. Some of the space is going to go unused until we have a kiddo.