Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Little Things on Valentine's Day

Hello there all,

It is almost Valentine's Day, and during this time of year, we start seeing innumerable social media posts about who loves who more. Valentine's Day has become a grand display of affection which is wonderful because love is something to be celebrated. However, the truth of the matter is that so many people stress about this holiday because of the financial burden. Valentine's Day is supposed to be about celebrating love, and you shouldn't be putting a price tag on something like that. I'm not saying that buying something is bad, and if you do want to spend some money, you can use apps like Personal Capital's financial tools to determine a smart budget for special occasions. When done correctly, you should be buying something that is meaningful-not just buying something to buy something. It isn't about how much you spend but about how much YOU that you put into it. In our household, we celebrate each other and our love through the little things. If you ask me, the best things in life are the little things. You know the in between things that really add up and make something special.

The little things are what become the BIG things.

Here are some little things that the Mister and I do that any Valentine would appreciate:

1.) Gifting each other little bits and pieces of things that are beautiful- Constantly, I am surprised with gifts of beautiful rocks that the Mister found or a beautiful flower that he found on a walk earlier that day. We see something beautiful, and we want to share it with each other.

2.) Saying how you feel- Throughout the day, we are telling each other the things that we love about each other or how we care for the other person. An example of this is the "Today, I Love You Because..." board that I posted about here last year. Alternatively, we also plainly say the things that we feel when we are frustrated with the other person. It is a wonderful gift to not make someone guess on emotions and feel like they are being played with. Say what you mean (nicely) and say how you feel (nicely).

3.) Surprises!- Nothing is better than a sweet, unexpected surprise on at an unanticipated day/time. Hate getting up in the morning? This means that your loved one isn't going to expect you to get up and make them breakfast. They will also see it as such a sweet gift that you endured on to make them happy. For Valentine's Day, a great way to do this would be to give them something the day before or to show up to their work with their afternoon coffee. Another way, I love to do this is to leave little notes around the house like "You're smoking!" on the smoke detector.

4.) Acts of Service- An act of service is the concept of doing something for another person to ease their day. Examples of this are making dinner, doing the laundry, grocery shopping, etc. Everybody likes a little bit of help to make their life easier. It means even more when you know the person HATES doing it. For example, when The Mister does the dishes, it makes me swoonsy because it means that I don't have to do it, AND I know that he hates it even more than I do. However, he was willing to do that thing for me to make me happy, and it sure works :).

5.) Doing things that make them smile- Identifying the things that make them happy and committing to gifting that person those moments: watching their favorite movie together, dressing in their favorite shirt of yours, making their favorite food, etc. It shows that you pay attention to who they are, AND you want to celebrate it with them.

What are you planning to do for your Valentine this year?

 This post is done as a collaboration with Personal Capital and other bloggers around the blogosphere.

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