Friday, September 4, 2015

Politics: I Side With

Hello there all,

For those of you that are not aware, I am pretty into politics, and I am passionate about the voting process. *This is NOT going to be a post about who I think you should vote for (Although, I do hope you vote for who I want :)). It IS a post about how you can make the voting process easier for yourself.*
Image from ISideWith
 With the impending US presidential election, there are a lot of people with headaches and feel overwhelmed with the various candidates. Does this sound familiar? There is a wonderful website called ISideWith which allows you to answer questions on various topics to figure out who you should probably vote for.
Image from ISideWith
What I love about ISideWith is that it streamlines the decision making process in a non-partisan setting, and you don't have to investigate each of the candidates separately. The website gives you a platform to just say what you believe and then the results tell you who aligns best with that. It even shows your alignment with other candidates and data for comparisons. The website really is a wonderful tool to help the average person make an informed decision.

No, I am NOT paid by this side. I just think it is a wonderfully helpful tool to be a better citizen, and I hope that you do check it out.

If you take the test, what did you think? Did it change your perspective on who you should vote for? If you want, share away who you are voting for? SHARE ALL THE THINGS!


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