Monday, August 17, 2015

Travel: South Carolina Part 2

Hello there all,

Yesterday, I posted part one of my South Carolina adventure, so today, I am bringing you part two. Part two is: wedding day (although, I didn't take too many photos because the photographers are better at that stuff than me), Andrew Jackson State Park, exploring where the Mister grew up, and family BBQ.

 The Mister and I at the reception.

The reception tablescape

Here is the bouquet from the toss. Funny story about this: I told The Mister that I was going to sneak out during the bouquet toss, and Julie, the bride (and The Mister's sister), came up to me during the reception and said "Here catch." She didn't even know that I was planning on booking it, and I ended up with the bouquet anyways.

Fried green tomatoes. When in the South, eat as the southerners eat!

Uniforms at the Andrew Jackson museum at the Andrew Jackson State Park. I am too much of a history nerd to skip out on this.

The Andrew Jackson museum

We went and visited some of the staple places that The Mister went to growing up, and this just so happened to include Sno Cones! Yes!

Family BBQ and swimming. Did I mention that it is HOT in SC? SOOOOO HOT!

I'm hoping to post part three later this week! Hope that you are enjoying all of this.


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