Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Vacations Are For... 2

Hello there all,
Last month,  you may recall that The Mister and I were going to go on a vacation in this post.  Welllll,  we are currently Basking in the glory of a three day weekend in Eugene (more on the blog later this week). Vacations are such a powerful thing that can really help it in the middle of a burnt out rut.
Last November,  I posted this article which has inspired me to post a reminder on why we need vacations to force me to do this more often.
Vacations are for letting problems melt and forget about burdens for awhile.
Vacations are for gaining perspective on what really matters in life.
Vacations are for making memories.
Vacations are for going slow and being in the present.
Vacations are for new adventures and chats about old adventures.
Vacations are for seeing beautiful things and eating delicious things.
Vacations are for learning about yourself,  the ones you love,  and things that you love.
Vacations are for regeneration and renewal with those that you love.

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