Friday, April 24, 2015

Thankful Thursday: Coloring

Hello there all,

Since just about birth, I have been pretty smitten with coloring. I have always attributed it to my love for creativity and that it created a safe haven for me to make without the fear of failure. Recently, I have been overcoming this fear more and more, but it is something that I continually struggle with. Coloring always seemed a failure free art activity which was so very liberating to me.

With articles like this and this surfacing everywhere, it makes me feel even better about wanting to color even though I am 28. I've always felt like coloring is a therapeutic process: the repetition, the continual practice of creating, etc. Additionally, I feel like spotting articles like these can vindicate getting my adorable olderlies to color, too.

When I worked with kiddos, I used to have more opportunities to color, and it has been awhile since I have colored. I did so this week to help weed out some stresses. And I think that it really worked. It was so wonderful! Coloring is just about the cheapest form of therapy, and I will definitely be practicing this more often. Adult coloring books are topping the best sellers list on Amazon this week (Check out this article). Perhaps others are also discovering this "therapy," too.

Stressed? Try coloring. I'm thankful that I did.


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