Monday, March 23, 2015


Hello there all,

Get a look at how amazingly awesome of a week this was.

Maybe a cupcake will help? A cupcake will always help. I am seriously smitten with Hungry Heart. They have delicious coffee, pastries, macaroons, and the shop side is wonderful. We have been there three times within the last week to get breakfast (and bought pastries for other breakfasts). #obsessed?

The Mister and I ventured out with our friends Amber and Jon to play trivia at The Bitter End on St. Patrick's Day with Geeks Who Drink. We were so close to winning (lost by 2 points), but we got recognition for being the most festive. I mean our team was "We Will, We Will Shamrock You!" How good is that? The picture is from here at the Geeks Who Drink blog.

Rocking my new favorite skirt. Don't you just love that feeling when you wear something brand new that you love?

Playing around with watercolors some more. I did some other stuff, but I made this guy for one of our gallery walls. I just need tons of art on the walls.

Gotta love Goodwill hauls especially when you buy a game that is brand new and costs almost as much on Amazon as it did for the whole haul. Epic yarn bunches, cutesie new curtains, two new games, and a children keyboard that has a meow setting. Every house needs a keyboard with a meow setting. You don't have one? Well, this is awkward. You should probably work on that and not share it with others. I don't want you to be embarrassed.

We finally got around to seeing Interstellar. My mind was blown! I legitimately thought the movie was going to be long and boring, but I was pleasantly surprised. Also, it was so fun to learn all sorts of other science-y things afterwards. Science constantly baffles me, and I think most of it is magic (just kidding...sorta).

This is a bialy breakfast sandwich. No, it is not a bagel sandwich. It is a bialy. What is a bialy?  Was I the only one that was unaware of this food thing?

Later Days,

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