Sunday, January 11, 2015


Hello there all,

Take a gander at what has been going on this week.








What's the deal?
1.) Yesterday, the Mister and I explored the FoPo area (Foster-Powell area), and we found it to be a pretty cutesie neighborhood. We just drove down Foster early this week to get to Hawthorne, and we decided to explore it a bit this weekend. This mural was on the side of the Bob White Theater. 
2.) Today, the Mister and I headed downtown to meet up with my mom. We went to Kells, Cacao, and Powells. My mom has never been to any of these places, so we gave her a mini-Portland tour. We also went and showed her this epic view that the Mister has from work. It isn't even fair. How could you get anything done with this view?
3.) I made some earrings with some found shells from Newport.
4.) Delicious coffee from Pieper Cafe. Also, the table....swoon! More about this place later this week.
5.) This week, I have been pretty lame, and I nearly lost my voice. Friday, I finally settled down and took the day off because I just about died on my long day of work that I had Thursday. What does that mean? Crafting, taro smoothies, and hours of Gossip Girl.
6.) Lately, I have been trying to be more adventurous and go outside of my normal walkways to places. The reason? This way, I notice more neat-o things around. This piece of graffiti is a perfect demonstration of that because it is pretty close to my house, but I have neglected to see it until this week.
7.) I have been craving this meal from El Cubo de Cuba. Seriously, this place has food that dreams are made of. It is so insanely delicious. This is the Pollito Bowl which has this awesome mixture of sweet and salty. Oh man, why am I not eating there now?


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